October 2018

Alexandria Ledge Climbers

October News Letter

Happy Halloween!

Grass Drags….. Water Cross….. Hope you went it was Awesome!!!!!!!

At the last couple of meetings we had discussed the trails, groomer fundraising and club rides. Here's how it breaks down.

  • Trails- there is a work party scheduled for October 27th and 28th , the bridge on Fowler River Rd will be stripped and re decked. Meet at the fords @ 9 and you will disperse from there.
  • Groomer- there is a lot of work to be done on the Sno Cat and they will be starting on Oct 21@ 9 am at the Fords All are welcome. Hoses replaced, track sprockets, brakes all will be looked at and more grease drag.
  • A schedule for trail trimming and signing will be put on the web site.
  • A no Bake, Bake sale was brought up and will be in the works soon for a fund raiser anyone with any other ideas please let me know.

Our club meetings are at Gilly’s restaurant and a schedule is on the web site.

Think Snow

Posted 10/13/2018

2018 - 2019 Membership Newsletter

 Welcome to the 2018-19 season it’s hard to believe as I write this its 90 plus outside and I have the AC cranked and thinking about snow.

Packets are being sent to existing members and included will be a renewal form for the membership. Please read everything very closely as we have had quite a few changes this year in how you are going to be able to get your voucher that you will need to registered your sled. If you have any questions please call me @ 603-744-5497.

Also included will be a list of all the club meetings which will be held at Gilly’s Restaurant again this year as it work out great last year. All meetings will be listed on the website.

We will be starting trail work right after Labor Day. We have a bridge that needs to be re-decked and lots of work on the Tucker. Notices for work parties will be posted on the web and Facebook.

Last year we took over a portion of the Old Pemi Valley club trails and had quite a few problems with everything from trail closed due to landowners to trails closed due to washouts and Ice problems by the river due to rain and Ice jams. It was challenging at best but we have over the summer fixed the bridge by the river by putting in a culvert that will allow the water to run and the ice to go over the trail without the bridge in the way. Hopefully this will fix that problem. We also fixed the washout under the power lines on Route 11. The landowner that had the locked gate has given us permission to use the trail this year so we should be good for Route 11 south.

We do have a couple of projects for this fall that need to get done so any help you could give would be appreciated.

It would be great to have a couple of club rides and I am looking for someone that would like to head this up if you’re interested let me know.

Think Snow, Lucy

Posted 8/15/2018