Why Volunteer?

 The Alexandria Ledge Climbers snowmobile  club, as well as most other clubs in the state, depend on volunteer help  to get things done. Operating a snowmobile club involves year round  work, all done by volunteers. Without their valuable contributions there  would be no snowmobile trails to ride. There are two primary  seasons where volunteer help is most in demand and badly needed.  

Late Summer to December

 This is where a majority of the trail and equipment maintenance is done. Trees and brush are cleared, bridges are repaired,  major improvement to trails, equipment maintenance and fencing and  signage. Over the season we create a list of work and then work details are scheduled on a weekend. Work is prioritized and we do what we can with the resources we have. If you are interested in helping with any of  this work you can call us at 744-5497 or email us at thefords@metrocast.net. We also post these events on Facebook and our web page. 

Snowmobile Season

 There are plenty of ways you can help  during the snowmobile season. You can help with clearing fallen trees,  rocks or other debris you find on the trail. Also, if you're  interesting in becoming a groomer we would like to hear from you. There is some prerequisite training required.  

Other ways you can volunteer

 Besides working on trails or operating a groomer  there are other ways you can volunteer and help. Things such  as membership drives, coordination of events, equipment maintenance,  establish relationship with landowners, offer constructive suggestions  or help with fund raising events and other thing.