Trail Report


3/17/2019 Spring like conditions

Spring like conditions exist. At the time of this report there is still adequate snow cover in most locations but it is quickly disappearing  and several locations are starting show bare ground. Due to the warm weather grooming is limited at this time.  

There is limited snow cover in the recently logged area in South Alexandria between Karl Gordon Rd and Bog Rd, expect dirt, rocks and other debris. The water bars are opening up and trails in lower elevations are starting to show bare spot. The snow base in upper elevations is still good at this time. 

Warm weather is predicted this week and conditions could change quickly. 

3/1/2019 Trails groomed, good to excellent riding

 Trails have been groomed and ready for this weekend. Overall conditions area are good to excellent. Watch for a open water bars and ice on the hills and corners. Still not able to  groom the recently logged area between Bog Rd and Karl Gordon Rd, watch for debris in the trail. In area that was flooded near Berry Rd and Rte 104, watch for large ice  junks and stay away from any open water or wet areas. Both these areas are not safe for the groomer. We've also cleared a few downed trees from the winds of last week.

2/22/2019 Corridor 11 is now passable

The flooded area on Corridor 11 in the area of Rt 104 and Berry Rd in  South Alexandria still remains a problem but the river has receded  significantly and sleds are able to get through. However, riders should  use EXTREME CAUTION in this area and avoid any open water or wet areas.  Watch for ice chucks and other hazard. Conditions in this area could  change rapidly so be prepared to turn around if needed.  

There is an active logging area on Corridor 11 between  Karl Gordon Rd and Bog Rd in South Alexandria. The area has been clear  cut with very little snow cover and there is a lot of brush and other  debris in the trail. Try your best to stay on the trail. 

 Corridor 11 was groomed early this morning with the exception of the  logged and flooded areas. If conditions permit we will groom 151  tonight. Watch for open water bars and icy spots.

2/15/2019 Trails are icy

 Corridor 11 in the area of Rt 104 and Berry Rd is still having problems with flooding. The area has several hazards and we recommend riders avoid the area. Also be aware that there is active logging on Corridor 11 between Bog Rd and Karl Gordon road. We have groomed portions of 11 where we can but there is a lot of ice under the fresh snow which has been causing problems for our groomer.  Riders be aware that trails are icy so go slow in the corners and watch the hills. 

2/9/2019 No recent grooming, Corridor 11 flooded

Corridor 11 still remains closed in the area of Rt 104 and Berry Rd. Warm weather from last week caused the area to flood again. We were not able to groom at all last week due to unseasonably warm weather. The warm weather and rain also put a big dent in the snow coverage and there are exposed areas, lots of ice and open wet areas. Colder weather has returned but there is still a significant amount ice and water which make it not safe to operate the groomer. Good news is they are forecasting for snow later this week and hopefully this will improve conditions. 

2/2/2019 Trails groomed but flooded area is still not safe

We have groomed what we could on Corridor 11, but after a mishap with the groomer on Corridor 11 near Berry Rd in South Alexandria we feel this area is still not safe. Snowmobilers are getting through but we urge extreme caution as there is still a lot of water in the area. We've also groomed 151 up to top of Washburn Rd near Alexandria 4-corners.  They are forecasting warm weather this week so expect changing conditions and force us to stop grooming.