Trail Report

2/26/2018 Trail Report

Trails are closed

Warm weather and lack of snow have forced us to close trails. We have suspended all groomer operations for the season.

1/31/2018 Trail Report

Our trails are closed at this time as they are very icy and not safe for travel. We recommend not riding until we announce otherwise. Corridor 11 from the intersection of P151 down to Walkers field is not passable at this time. See the map on our home page showing the impassible sections of Corridor 11

Corridor 11 from Berry Rd to Profile falls has areas with ice jams and there is a washout on the power lines. We are working to address these issues. Andover Snowmobile club has  closed trail 345  in the area of Hill  because of ice jams. 


We will not resume groomer operations until we receive  some substantial snow and conditions improve.

1/20/2018 Trail Report

 Just came back from assessing trails and the news is not good. We are  recommending that you not ride any of our trails until we announce  otherwise. In South Alexandria trail 11  remains closed  from Berry Rd to Profile falls, ice jams and flooding.  Andover Snowmobile club has also closed trail 345  in the area of Hill  for the same reason. Trail 11 from Bog Rd up to Cass Mill road still  remains closed. There is a lot of open water, mud and wash out area on  the power lines which is impassible. Conditions are not safe or suitable  to do any trail repairs at this time. Trail 11 from Cass Mill Rd up to  Gale Rd is open, but very icy and with a lot of open water holes and  riding is not recommended. Trail 151 up to Hebron is in the same  condition. We will not be grooming any of our trails until we receive  some substantial snow and things firm up.

 Also, I've been asked by a number of people about the Hemp Hill trail  between Bristol and Alexandria. This trail is closed and will not open  this season. There are a number of issues with this trail, including a  damaged bridge that is not safe.

1/6/2018 Trail Report

  After some significant delays with repairs on our groomer we made it out today and began the process of opening trails. The bad news is we found a section of trail on Corridor 11 in South Alexandria on the power lines with a major washout. We've temporarily closed Corridor 11 between the intersections of Cass Mill Rd and Bog Rd and we're trying to get the issue resolved as soon as we can. We're are planning to work on Primary Trail 151 tomorrow.

12/26/2017 Trails are still closed

 We have received several inches of snow over the past few days. Currently our groomer is down for repairs and hope to have it fixed for this weekend. Also we are working to resolve a remaining land owner issue. We hope to have it resolved soon. For the time being please stay off  the trails and do not go around any locked gates until we post otherwise. Thanks for your patience.  

12/14/2017 Trails are still closed

  We received about 12 inches of snow from the storm earlier this week.  However, our trails are still closed at this time and will not be open  for this weekend. We still have some additional work that needs to be  done before before trails are safe enough to open. So please stay off  the trails until we post otherwise.  Check back later for updates